What is TMA in nios? All about TMA(A Complete Guide)

What is TMA in Nios

Hey, Get complete information about TMA means in Nios ,What Is TMA in Nios, What is TMA fees, What is TMA means and many more FAQ.

So,The full form of TMA is Tutor Marked Assignment. It means you have to give assignments of your subjects to your study centre (AI) and tutor i.e., teacher of that subject will give you marks.

It will carry 20% weightage of theory part in the external examination. One of the most important thing is to notice that TMA in Nios applies to only stream 1 (Block I & Block II) students.

So, If you belong to stream 2, 3 or 4, then relax you don’t have to submit assignment .

In case, if you think it’s just an assignment and nothing else then let me clear that, this marks will be added to your final marksheet.

It means this assignment will directly influence your marksheet with 20% weightage of theory part.

Last date to submit your assignment is :

•For stream 1 block I – 31st January
•For stream 2 block II – 31st July

Now let me explain you everything from start to end.
So, the steps are:

• Get your assignment
• Choose your subjects
• Make your assignment
• Submit it to study centre
• Take submission receipt

Let’s go one by one in details:

Step 1: Get assignment

First of all, you have to take your assignments of your subjects. You can get TMA in Nios either from study centre or from official website. At study centre, your teacher will give you a booklet of your assignment. And you have to take it to your home. It may be a time-consuming and lengthy process. But hey, chill you can also download it in pdf form easily in no time from their official website.
Here is the link : click here

Step 2: Choose your subjects

So, while taking admission you must have chosen your subjects. List down all your subjects in that TMA in Nios. You will find 6 questions in each subject.

Step 3: Make your TMA

To make your TMA in Nios, take A4 Size blank white paper and write your all questions and answers. On the first page write your Name, Subject name, Subject code, Study centre name and enrollment number. Try to maintain your writing neat and clean. After writing down all your answers, decorate the borders. Make your assignment look beautiful.

Step 4: Submit it to study centre

After completing it, Go to your study centre as mentioned in your ID card. Give your assignment to respective Subject teacher.

Step 5: Take submission receipt

Submission receipt is given to you at the last page of your assignment PDF. Download and print out it. Fill the required information. After submitting the TMA in Nios, make sure your teachers have signed the receipt.
This is the simple process of submit.

Apply For TMA

If you have submitted your assignment before the last date then you can skip this part. It is not for you. But if you have missed it, don’t worry. You have a last chance to submit it. Yes, “Apply for TMA” is for you.

You can submit your assignment by following steps.

Step 1: Be sure you have already made your assignment

Step 2: Go to sdmis.nios.ac.in. or your TMA sction in dashboard of students login on official website.

Step 3: You will see an option of “Apply for TMA”. Click on that.

Step 4: Enter your enrollment number and submit.

Step 5: Choose the subjects for which you want to Apply for TMA. Now, Click Submit.

Step 6: Pay your TMA fees ( ₹1500 per subject)

Step 7: Print out the payment receipt.

Step 8: Go to your regional centre with your payment receipt and your complete assignment and then submit there.

The late submission of TMA in Nios can only done by this way.

TMA status



When you submit your assignment to your study centre then study centre confirm that you have submitted it by mentioning ‘Submitted’  in front of your listed subjects.
If you didn’t submit, then “not submitted” will be written in front of your subjects.

TMA Marks

Nios TMA marks check process is easy. Your marks of your assignment is given to you after 2 week of last date. Your marks are uploaded to your profile of Nios.

Just follow simple steps to know how can you know your marks.

Step 1: Visit sdmis.nios.ac.in
Step 2: Go to your profile/dashboard by logging in.
Step 3: Scroll down and click on “Apply on TMA”.
Step 4 : If you had submitted your assignment then you will see your marks there.

Wait, But many different types of question arises in the mind of people about it.
So, here I am trying to answer some most asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Is TMA compulsory in Nios?

A- It is not compulsory in Nios. There is no fail or pass in it But it’s marks are added in final marksheet which has weightage of 20% of theory part.

Q- Do I have to pay to submit TMA in Nios?

A- No, you don’t have to pay anything to submit it if you submit before 31st January (for block I) or 31st July (for block II).

Q- Can I submit TMA in Nios after the last date?

A- Fortunately, yes. You can submit your it after the last date. But You have to pay TMA fees for this.

Q- What is TMA fee in Nios?

A- If you missed to submit or in any case you didn’t submitted  before the last date then you can Submit it after the last date by giving fees to Nios.

Q- What is the charge of TMA fees?

A- The charge of TMA fees is ₹1500 per subjects after the last date.

Q- Where do I send TMA in Nios?

A- You have to submit it to your study centre (AI). In case, you are not able to submit it to your study centre then su mit it to your regional centre.

Q- How long does it take to get TMA marked?

A- It takes 15 Days or 2 weeks to get marked.

Q- What is Apply for TMA in Nios?

A- If you have missed to submit your TMA to your study centre before the last date then you can “Apply for TMA” after the last date. In this section, you have to pay ₹1500 per subject to Apply it.

Q- How to get Nios TMA assignment submission receipt?

A- You will find submission receipt at the last page of your assignment pdf or booklet.

Q- How to do TMA in Nios?

A- Take A4 Size blank white paper and decorate it. Keep your writing neat and clean. Use colours to decorate. Write your Name, Enrollment number, study centre, subject, subject code on the first front page.

Q- TMA chapter will come in Nios April exam or not?

A- No, TMA chapter will not come in Nios April exams.

Q- What is TMA submission rules for unsuccessful candidates in Nios 12th?

A- Just download TMA from official website, Make it and submit it to your study centre.

Q- Why my TMA marks are not added on my Nios Results?

A- Its marks are not added on your Nios result means either you have not submitted it to your study centre or it may be some fault from Nios office(If you have submitted). In this case contact to Nios office

Q- I am not going any study centre in Nios Where can I submit my TMA?

A- You can submit it either study centre or regional office.

Q- In Nios if I got low marks in commerce, science or arts then TMA marks will be added and should I pass?

A- Its marks will be added to your marksheet only if you submit it. You have to pass in each individual subjects of your stream.

Q- Is use of whitening in Nios TMA permissible? 

A- You can use whitening in Nios TMA. That’s not a big deal. But try to maintain your assignment neat and clean.

Q- Can we use whitener in Nios TMA?

A- Yes, you can use whitener in Nios TMA.

Q- Which document need to submit during Nios TMA?

A- No documents is need to submit.

Q- In which type of sheet do we have to submit Nios TMA?

A- You can use A4 Size white blank papers.

Q- How to fill my theory marks in Du form for Nios board whether to include TMA or not?

A- You have to include total marks including TMA, theory and practicals(if any).

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